Friday, August 30, 2013

Been a long time since I blogged...

Hey Theatre Fans!

Our new season begins on September 20th, with an incredible show!


Don't miss it or all our offering for our 34th Season.  Check out our
website at for dates and info!



Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oklahoma has come and gone - say hello to "HOLLERWOOD"!

Well...a busy summer and now on to the World Premiere of "Hollerwood II" by Elizabeth Orndorff. The zany characters that inhabit "Random, Kentucky" are at it again! The laughter never stops and neither does the comedic writing our own local playwright. This show opens September 23rd for THREE WEEKENDS...(tickets at or 859-319-0205).

The 32nd Season of West T. Hill begins any moment and what a season it will be!

Don't miss any of it!

See you on stage, behind stage or in the audience!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

history making CROWNS debuts!

Wow....we are just a day away from opening Regina Taylor's CROWNS at West T. Hill. This has been an incredible experience. The 10 ladies and 2 fellows in our play have become very dear to me and Alice (our omnipotent Stage Manager). We are ready to go....lights the lights! I am sooo excited I can hardly stand myself....but enough about me!

Forget the fact that this show is history making for our theatre and is fun, wonderfully acted and an incredible stage experience!

If you had told me 2 years ago that we could pull off an all African-American play with an all African-American cast....I would have told you ... you were wishfully thinking at best!

But it is gonna happen and you don't wanna miss it!

See you on stage, behind the stage or in the audience!


one grateful director....!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Play with "Hat-titude"...

Happy New Year all! Boy, we are really getting ready for a huge challenge here at the theatre - we are auditioning for "Crowns" this weekend. The cast is entirely African-American and we are excited about opening up this opportunity for our community. We only hope we can pull it off!

"Crowns" is a beautiful play with music and it has a great story. The play is told through the eyes of a young New York woman who goes south to visit her Aunt after some heartbreak. The ladies she comes in contact with share with her their heritage and history thru the wearing of hats. It is funny, touching, dramatic and uplifting.

I am privileged to direct it and hope that we have lots of interested folks at auditions on Sunday afternoon and Monday evening. Contact the theatre website for further info:

here's hoping...


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Things are busy...busy...

Even after 31 years of opening/closing shows...I never cease to get excited from all the "excitement". Currently, we are rehearsing our Holiday Show at West's Wing and rehearsals for our upcoming "NIGHTMARE OFF BROADWAY" (10/29&30) are going on over at the Main Stage. I visited like a little mouse, checking up on everyone and seeing if there was any "cheese" about...It was so much fun to see all the comings and goings.

Music was being reviewed in the Wing...ghosts and goblins were getting costumed up at the theatre and basically there was lots of hub-bub and fun going on absolutely everywhere in every corner.

Creativity - LOUD and PROUD!

I love it!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Out of this World!

Our WORLD PREMIERE of Liz Orndorff's "High Strangeness" was an enormous success! This is the first play in several years that sold out every performance! How exciting is that? Not only was it a well-written play, it was well directed, well staged-managed and acted out to perfection!

If you missed this play, not only did you miss a great opportunity to laugh and missed a unique opportunity to witness the reminiscings of the only living survivor of the 1976 alien abduction! Mona Stafford was a real hit and a pleasure all by herself. She shared with the audiences and answered questions during "UFO nite" following the performance. It was quite a treat.

This comedy-drama was a one of a kind and a privilege for our theatre to produce.

After scaring ourselves to death with "NIGHTMARE OFF BROADWAY" on October 30th and 31st., we will head into the Holiday Season with "North Pole Star" our Christmas offering. Director Beth Marlowe had more than 50 audition and will have a stellar cast.

Community Theatre is more than fun - add it to your activities - you won't be sorry!

- karen

Friday, September 10, 2010

Another new season - 31 of 'em!!!

Well, here we are, about to open our 31st Season - hard to believe!

31 years of knocking out fun, educational and exciting pieces - not to mention premiering some brand new plays!

Our 31st Season opens with an ELIZABETH ORNDORFF original! "Liz" has become quite the "toast of the town recently", premiering plays both with us and Pioneer Playhouse here in Danville. Several of her plays have also played outside of Kentucky and beyond! This effort is a serio-comedy based on some real life experiences of 3 gals who lived in Casey County, Kentucky in the 1970s. "HIGH STRANGENESS" is a wonderfully funny, yet poignant account of how these 3 women were alledgedly abducted by aliens and follows them as their lives are strapped in a ride of a lifetime! It opens on September 24th for two weekends - call our box office at 319-0205 or get tickets on line at

Check our website to round out our season schedule - there is bound to be something that will grab your interest.

On the tail of "High Strangeness" we will celebrate Halloween with some strange goings on during 'NIGHTMARE OFF BROADWAY".....thrills and chills for all October 29 and 30th.

Before you know it, Christmas will be upon us and all ages can audition for a reality show of sorts in NORTH POLE STAR....Auditions October 3 & 4 - Beth Marlowe directing!

Call if you have any questions - 859-236-8607

See you "on stage, behind the stage, or in the audience".

- Karen